4K ultra clear before and after dual recording Oni D174 tachograph GPS voice control 5G full support

4K Ultra HD front and rear dual recording Aoni D174 car recorder GPS voice control 5G full support

Company news

Aoni Auto Electric focuses on automotive AI intelligent audio and video hardware and software segments, and recently launched a new product, but also open a number of features in-depth customization, the next step is to give you an introduction:

Aoni D174 is a new car recorder capable of front and rear dual recording, in addition to 4K HD image quality, but also equipped with a 140 ° wide-angle lens, able to record a larger field of view to avoid collisions; also equipped with a 2.45-inch IPS 960 * 480 display, the operation of the setup experience is more convenient.

In addition to the above features, Oni D174 has: 1080p@90fps high frame rate, GPS track, 5G WIFI, over-voltage protection support, G-sensor sensor, built-in microphone/speaker intimate features.


Furthermore, it is also open for OEM/ODM customers: OBD power, Front ADAS, voice control function customization, so that partners have more space to expand their products and provide consumers with more high-definition, high-performance, and more intimate automotive car recorder products.