Manufacturing base
Shenzhen Headquarters&Factory

The factory covers an area of 30000 square meters

Nearly 1200 employees

16 assembly lines/ 6 packaging lines/ 6 SMT lines

The assembly line has a monthly production capacity of 800000 yuan

SMT line has a monthly production capacity of 800000 yuan

Zhongshan AI Science and Technology Innovation Park

The factory area reaches 15000 square meters

Investment of 5.8 million, partially completed and put into operation in 2020

Currently, nearly 600 employees

Monthly production capacity: 500000

Expected annual output value to reach 5 billion by 2025

Overview of Intelligent Manufacturing
Digital intelligent manufacturing workshop/ASAD camera automation production line
With advanced technologies such as sensors, Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing, create a lightweight smart factory management system, which presents the data, information and status of the factory distribution and various production processes in real time on a large visual screen to achieve real-time monitoring and analysis of production data. Thereby improving production efficiency and quality, reducing production costs and energy consumption.
printing machine
SPIU inspection
Fully automatic packaging production line
Mobile Office
PC office
Intelligent three-dimensional library
Intelligent management system
Intelligent management system
The company has SAP, data center, OA, PLM, SRM, CRM, MES, WMS, AIM, Zen, order review E-HR and other information management systems can record and manage every production action, and track every step of the product process at any time.
Connecting Industrial IoT Information Systems
Mastering core production data to provide accurate data analysis, continuous improvement, and innovative win-win pure B/S architecture for high-level decision-making in enterprises
MES intelligent manufacturing system
Intelligent production workshop
intelligent equipment
Powerful intelligent production equipment
With injection molding machine workshop, SMT workshop, car camera AA line and other intelligent production equipment
Injection molding machine
AA focusing
Car camera AA wire
Supply Chain Management
Through the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, close series and information integration, do a good job of timely delivery of materials and quality assurance, cooperate with product production management, accelerate the company's management and operation results, To meet customer demand for capacity, quality and delivery.
Sourcing management
Supplier management
Purchasing management
Requisition plan
Delivery data
Material reporting management
Supply chain management
Supply Chain Management