Quality Management System
A "Trinity" Quality Management System
Emphasize the importance of collecting frontline quality inspection data Authenticity and real-time performance
Optimize the process and strengthen the engineering team Task Collaboration
Keep decision-makers informed of global quality at all times, Objectivity and impartiality
Comprehensive testing
In 2022, We built the AONI Experimental Center according to the national laboratory standard of IS017025, covering an area of 1800 square meters. There are about 54 sets of various types of testing equipments, and the total value of fixed assets exceeds 20 million; The laboratory has applied for China CNAS certification to ensure that the entire testing process meets the requirements of national laws, regulations, and standards, providing accurate and reliable quality evaluation for product testing.
On site testing
optical testing
Performance test
Optical Testing
From product design, raw material control, production process to factory inspection, etc Strictly control and ensure the excellence and stability of the productStrive to provide customers with More high-end and high-quality products.
Bare metal FQC: 1857PCS
Repair: 4PCS
Bare metal inspection: 105PCS
To be produced: 3PCS
Functional test: 23PCS
Color box packaging: 2PCS
Burning completed: 6PCS